Guinea pigs dumped in Islington street

A pair of "healthy and well cared-for" guinea pigs were found abandoned near a children's play area.

Animal welfare charity the RSPCA is investigating after the two pets were apparently dumped in the street.

A member of the public came across the animals in a cage near a play park in Copenhagen Street, Islington, on October 29.

Now the two guinea pigs, which have been named Hector and Horace, have been rescued by the RSPCA.

The charity's animal rescue officer Lee Rickets is investigating.

He said: “The guinea pigs seemed healthy and well cared for. It’s very sad that someone has abandoned their pets in this way.

“We encourage people to reach out to local animal welfare charities for help with pet care, rather than leaving them in a vulnerable situation on the street like this.

“Abandoning pets like these in such a manner is an incredibly cruel thing to do and never the answer."

Hector and Horace are now at Essex Guinea Pig, Rat and Rabbit Rescue, from where they will be rehomed.