It's National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day!

It's National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day!

Bulldogs are known for the stocky physique, wrinkly faces, and short snouts. While not the most elegant of dogs, Bulldogs are beloved by many.

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day aims to show this appreciation through celebrating this adorable breed.

History of National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day is celebrated on 21st April as it's the date that the Bulldog was officially recognised by dog breeders, back in 1886.

Bulldogs are associated with the Asiatic Mastiff, which lived around 4,000 BC in Mesopotamia. The mastiff was introduced to Europe by traveling nomads.

Since then, breeders helped form the different kinds of bulldogs that exist today. These include the British Bulldog, French bulldog, and American bulldog.

As one of the most popular breeds, bulldogs are known to be lovable. They provide overall general happiness to every dog owner.

Some of the most famous bulldogs to have existed were Tillman (pictured above), an English Bulldog with skateboarding skills that made him a celebrity.

Each year, people celebrate Bulldogs are Beautiful Day by showing appreciation for these lovable, fuzzy creatures.

Here at the Animal Rescue Society, Bulldogs have a very special place in our hearts - from British Bulldogs to French Bulldogs, and American Bulldogs - we love celebrating this adorable breed!

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