Hundreds of kittens and puppies rescued in China [Video]

160 boxes of live animals that were reportedly sold by an illegal mail order company as ‘mystery boxes’ were found in Chengdu, China.

Shopping sites in China are being accused of animal cruelty for allegedly shipping "mystery boxes" to customers containing live puppies and kittens. According to local reports, many of the animals suffer significant harm in transit. 

Chengdu Love Home Animal Rescue Center shared on Weibo that it found 160 crates containing cats and dogs in the back of a delivery truck in Chengdu earlier this week. A video from the incident features distressed animals tightly packed together in small crates, apparently lacking any food or water.

The organization, which has been sharing updates on the health of the animals on Weibo all week, said it rescued "hundreds" of very frightened young puppies and kittens, many of which appeared to be struggling to breathe. They said that they disinfected, cleaned and fed them, before sending many to animal hospitals for treatment.