Animal shelter inundated with 56 Labrador puppies

An animal shelter has been inundated with 57 Labrador puppies in just one week – and now needs to find new homes for all of them.

The dogs, which were rescued by Many Tears Animal Rescue in Cefneithin, Carmarthenshire, Wales, were supposed to become working service animals seeking illegal drugs and explosives.

But instead, the intelligent and energetic dogs now need to find forever homes.

Many tears owner Sylvia Van Atta said: "They all came from somebody with a contract to look after dogs going to be trained as bomb or drug dogs.

"But they have decided not to continue with that.

"There are a lot of young dogs, and they all needed worming but they are well socialised. They had been bred for working and prepared to be service dogs.

"They are busy, happy and friendly dogs and any home needs to be a busy family. They are dogs that want to be doing something.

"They are bred for their brains and they are very agile. So they are ok to be pets, but they need someone who will throw balls, who will stimulate them.

"They are not dogs who will be happy to just sit by the fire all the time".

Anyone wanting to meet the labs can do so during the centre's showarounds on weekdays at midday, and at 11am on weekends.