Laos Bear Rescue - Save the Bears

Laos Provincial Agriculture & Forestry Office (PAFO) were this week (June 6) able to get a look at two bears which have been kept in this tiny, dirty prison for decades. 

The bears look to be about 40-50kg each, which is a fraction of the weight they should be (adult male moon bears generally weigh 135kg or more), suggesting the bears have been starved & are severely malnourished.

Since January 2018 Free the Bears has rescued 45 bears (far more than any wildlife charity worldwide over this period). The recent influx of rescues & this year's lost funding has left them in a dire situation. It is only with your support that they can continue with rescues.

The good news is that PAFO involvement means a rescue will likely be possible. Please DONATE to help or Be A Bear Carer, involving a small monthly donation. Thank you.