Last day of Yulin 2022... but it's NOT over

It has just turned midnight in Yulin, China.

That means the final day of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival has come to an end...

But it's FAR from over

Thousands of dogs have been tortured over the last 10 days.

Hordes of people have travelled to Yulin to watch dogs have their fur burnt off with blow-torches and then be boiled alive...

Just to they can 'enjoy' dog meat stew and crispy dog meat.

Even though the crowds of people are leaving Yulin as we speak, one this is for certain...

They WILL be back next year.

Unless we keep up the pressure to END this barbaric event, it will continue to take place, year after year.

Here at Animal Rescue Society, we are dedicated to continue our effort to put a STOP to this torture, but we need your support.

Please make the decision today to stay with us on this journey, no matter how long it takes.

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