Let them know it's Christmas time!

Lend a hand to the helpless this Christmas!


As a fellow lover of animals, you know only too well the plight of our little animal friends across the world.

From abandoned pets here to the majestic wild creatures of Africa, gunned down by tourists for “sport,” there are many, selfless individuals giving up their time to help animals in real danger.

All they ask is for YOU to play a part!

Christmas is near. Time to help those truly in need of support!

As the cold nights approach, millions of defenceless animals across Britain and Europe are without a safe and loving home; forsaken by those who swore to take care of them and shower them with love.

Independent animal shelters, manned by kind-hearted men and women, will be spending their holidays, scouring the streets for distressed, homeless animals but they need help, OUR help!

Will you partner us as we assist the army of fantastic carers this Christmas, {{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}?

The Animal Rescue Society and our volunteers are dedicated to making sure private and often poorly supported small shelters across the world are well equipped to deal with the task of sheltering and caring for the vulnerable this Christmas.

Their task is enormous, but with the help of decent people across the world, we can make sure as many animals as possible are cared for and sheltered by true heroes.

Let’s face it: we are all going to eat and drink far too much this Christmas (me included), so why not help ourselves by chipping in some money that help those that care for vulnerable animals.

Are you with me on this? I will also throw in a free Official ‘Animal Rescue’ Lapel badge if you decide to chip in. Thank You.