Live animal prizes on council land banned

Live animals will no longer be offered as prizes on land owned by a council after a local authority vote.

The decision means goldfishes in plastic bags, traditionally given as prizes, will not be allowed at fairgrounds in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The move was raised with the borough council by a Conservative councillor, Richard Pritchard and received cross-party support.

The vote has been called "fantastic news" by a spokeswoman for the RSPCA.

Tamworth Borough Council was the 28th local authority in England to bring in such a measure, the animal charity said.

The new deputy mayor, councillor John Harper, urged the council to “do the sensible thing”, the Local Democracy Reporting Service reported.

An ongoing RSPCA campaign was relaunched in June and the charity said more than 7,600 supporters have since urged their local authorities to take action. 

'It should be candy floss people take home '

Evangeline Button, from the RSPCA’s wildlife department, said: “Sadly, goldfish won at fairgrounds are held in plastic bags in unsuitable conditions for long durations and taken to homes which are not adequately prepared to meet their welfare needs. 

“Thankfully, this will no longer be permissible on council land in Tamworth. It should be candy floss people take home from the fair – not live animals.”