Frisky male Llandudno goats get stuck pursuing females

A herd of amorous goats have been saved after rescuers built a stairway made of hay bales from the bottom of a cliff.

Two in-season female goats were chased off the Great Orme headland in Llandudno, Conwy county, by 18 frisky billy goats, the RSPCA said.

A kid goat also became stranded until the charity and council workers built a tiered walk-way of 50 hay bales.

RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh said: "Had a rescue plan bot been hatched, these goats would have starved or drowned."

The wild herd of about 122 Kashmiri goats spend most of their time on the cliffs of the Great Orme, a county park and nature reserve in Conwy county, but have been known to frequent the town during bad weather.

The goats were spotted on the unstable rocks near the sea, known locally as Austin's Rock, before the weekend.

But all 21 have now walked back to safety thanks to the "innovative rescue mission".

"These goats were in real trouble as there was no grazing or palatable water and they were at risk from the tide at the next spring tide later this week," said Mr Pugh.

"The plan was hatched to create a walk-way off the rocks for the goats and back to safety - so we made a tiered path and, fortunately, the goats gradually made their way back.

"It's a huge relief as the alternative for these animals was unthinkable.

"We're delighted we have been able to help in what was an innovative rescue mission and a really good example of what can be achieved together for animal welfare."

The Kashmiri goats have roamed the Great Orme for more than a century but made headlines after venturing from into the seaside town of Llandudno at the start of lockdown.

However some have been moved to other towns amid concerns their numbers will grow out of control after not getting contraception injections due to the coronavirus pandemic.