Luna needs lube and anaesthetic to be freed by vets when she gets stuck up the VACUUM CLEANER

Veterinary surgeons at Wright's Vets in Birtley, County Durham, had to treat Luna the snake after she had crawled into the family vacuum hose.

Her owner had turned her back for a moment to clean out the vivarium and found Luna stuck in the pipe. 

The vets needed to use lubricant in order to extract her from the vacuum, but Luna then prompted to attack her helpers due to the stress of the situation.  

Allan Wright, one of the surgeons at Wright's Vets, said: 'Luna was too big to get all the way through the pipe so she go stuck.

'She could not get out, and we could not pull her out. Her back end was starting to swell.

'The scales of a snake all go in one direction so we couldn't pull her backwards. That would have damaged her scales.

'She was so stressed by her predicament she was trying to bite us. We gave her an anaesthetic and cut the pipe open at one end.

'With a lot of lube we eventually managed to get her out. She is doing fine now, though is a little bruised.'