Neglected lurcher's amazing transformation

Dramatic before and after images show the amazing transformation of a rescue dog after it was found covered with fleas and to the point of starvation in the 'the worst case of neglect' ever seen by an RSPCA inspector.

Maisie the Lurcher was discovered in the heartbreaking condition by RSPCA inspector Amy McIntosh, when she arrived at a property in Lancashire in November last year after the charity received a call that four dogs looked underweight.

Amy said the destitute dog was the thinnest animal she'd come across in her ten years working for the RSPCA, and thought the animal was dead' because she was 'so cold and so, so thin.'

Shocking photos taken when Maisie was first found show her curled in a ball and unable to move because of how rake thin she was.

The harrowing images show the appalling condition Maisie was found in, with patches of fur missing on her emaciated body, with bones jutting out and her ribs clearly on show.

But in a stunning turnaround, recent photos show that Maisie has gained weight and is on the road to recovery after being fostered by dog trainer Sarah Livesey.

Maisie is now able to cuddle her Sarah, who has helped rehabilitate the animal and transform her back into the 'vibrant and loving' dog she used to be.

Amy has also been re-united with Maisie and said she 'can't believe' how much she's changed.

She said: 'It's been heartwarming visiting her. She seems happy and healthy.. Full of life.

'Now Maisie is getting the care and the love she deserves, she's finally thriving.

'Seeing a dog like Maisie go through a complete transformation is just incredible.

'She's such a fighter.

'I can't believe she's gone from near death to where she is now, so full of beans.'

Her muscles were also wasting away and her body temperature was so low it wasn't registering on a thermometer.

The vet even discussed putting Maisie to sleep, but decided to wrap her up in bubble wrap and give her fluids to see if she would pull through.

Amy said: 'She hadn't been kept in the cold.

'She was just so thin that she couldn't hold her own body temperature.

'We were just really keen to give her a chance, but we were anxious about the outcome.

'She was already so far gone.'

'The nurse used heat pads and wrapped her up in bubble wrap, to help her retain heat.

'She began shaking uncontrollably. It was horrible.'

When Sarah first brought Maisie home to the Lake District, she was 'exhausted all the time' and had to have help going to the toilet because her legs were so weak.

But now, she is the 'most friendly and loving dog' and runs around with Sarah's pet Labrador Cody.

Sarah said: 'It's been so worthwhile.

'I've helped people to train rescue dogs before, and the feeling people get once they've transformed a dog's situation and given them a fantastic life is just incredible.

'I feel the same about Maisie.

'She's vibrant, loving, demanding and hilarious.

'Truly the most friendly, loving dog.'

After Maisie was taken to the vets, her owner agreed to surrender her to the RSPCA, on the grounds she'd been suffering unnecessarily.

They were subsequently banned from keeping animals for life and the three other dogs at the property were rehomed.