Magpie starts BARKING after being adopted by Staffy

An abandoned baby bird has started barking like a dog after being adopted by a adoring pooch who she thinks is her mother.

Molly the magpie was close to death after being abandoned by her parents in September last year - but was lucky to be discovered by Staffordshire bull terrier Peggy.

The one-year-old dog looked after Molly as if she were her own puppy, and, with the help of Peggy and her owners Juliette Wells, 45, and her partner Reece, 52, she made a full recovery.

As a result of being cared for by the loving pooch, artist Juliette says Molly has picked up some canine habits - and has even started barking just like her best friend.

Before meeting her best friend, Peggy the pooch was terribly afraid of birds - but for some reason, was very concerned about little Molly.

After obtaining advice from a local wildlife specialist about how to best nurse the magpie back to health, Juliette said that Moly made a full recovery within a week.

But after spending everyday with loving Peggy by her side, the magpie did not want to leave, despite the couple persuading her to fly back into nature.