Vile: Man kills pet by tying it to car to give it a run during coronavirus lockdown

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A dog owner has been named and shamed for allegedly flouting a coronavirus lockdown and killing his pet after tying it to the back of his car to give it a run.

Animal rescue centre founder Yolanda Reyes Hernandez said he had been arrested after she reported him to police in a social media post where she uploaded photos of the dog lying dead on the ground and the man she pointed the finger at. The incident is said to have happened on Thursday in El Molar a 25-mile drive north of Madrid.

Furious Yolanda, who takes in abandoned animals, raged on Facebook in a post late yesterday : “Yesterday this man named Carlos, along with his wife and son, decided to break quarantine and come to their second home in El Molar.

“As they didn’t have anything else to do, because staying indoors like the rest of the population must be boring, they had the great idea of taking their dog out and returning with it tied to the tow bar.

“For several miles this dog that you see in the photo was forced to run behind their car before it stumbled, fell and was dragged along dead after being strangled.

“Some neighbours saw it, stopped the car, took the keys out of the ignition and called me.

“The police did the rest. We’ve obviously lodged a formal complaint for animal mistreatment resulting in death.

“I’ve forgotten the word ‘allegedly’ but if they don’t give a “s##t” about their dog, I don’t give a s##t about them.

“The man has spent the night in custody and now he’s awaiting trial.