Farmer hears meowing in chicken coop. Does not expect this...

When a farmer heard some strange sounds coming from his chicken coop, he feared that the animals might be in danger.

But upon closer inspection, Kurdish farmer and soldier Goran A Surchi realised he was hearing meowing.

The farmer couldn’t locate where exactly the sounds were coming from but when he lifted up one of the hens, Goren discovered three adorable kittens.

The kitties were orphaned and had found a home with the hen, who provided love and warmth as a surrogate parent.

The kittens’ own mum had drowned in a lake near the farm and Goran later found her body.

He was surprised to see the hen had somehow understood their need, and taken the kittens in.

‘For some time now, I was hearing meows coming from our chicken coop and I was curious to know what was going on, as our chickens could be in danger,’ Goran said.

‘When I realised that the meows were coming from under the chicken, I decided to record it so as not to miss this unique moment and to my surprise, there were three beautiful kittens there.

‘Later we came to find the lifeless mother of the kittens. Unfortunately, she drowned in a lake near the farm.’