'Psychopath' mowed down and killed 14 young lambs

A farmer has slammed a 'psychopath' who used a car to mow down 14 young lambs in a field.
Nick Hutley awoke on Thursday morning to sickening news that a 'monster' had rammed down his sheep, which are worth around £2,000 each.

The 65-year-old says nothing this horrific has occurred at Gate Street Farm in Bramley, near Guildford, in the more than half a century his family has owned it.

Two of the lambs, born just last year, were still alive when they were found and had to be put down.

The deceased sheep had to be taken away and incinerated - another expensive cost Mr Hutley was forced to pay out.

The farmer described the moment he first saw his livestock lying open-eyed on their sides in the field, which held around 50 sheep.

'It was a state of shock. My first reaction was that there must be some sort of dreadful disease, then reality sets in - there's not a disease that could have killed 14 healthy sheep like this.'

'As I approached them I thought maybe they'd been shot or attacked by a dog - then I saw the tyre tracks and realised somebody had driven over them.

'I still find it difficult to comprehend that any monster would get any satisfaction from running over animals.

'It's a notion I cannot fathom at all. It just doesn't pass any form of sense that a monster could do something as barbaric and cruel as this.'

Surrey police are investigating the incident and are appealing for information from the public.

It is thought the sheep killers exited their vehicle to open three gates before entering the field with the sheep, Mr Hutley explained.

'It's truly horrific,' the father-of-three and grandfather-of-eight said.

'We are still reeling from it and can't quite get over it. It's just appalling. They would have had to get out of the vehicle to lift the first gate off its hinge.

'It was a double wooden gate and fairly substantial - a two-man job to lift it.'

Car parts including part of a bumper were found in the field alongside the strewn bodies of the lambs.

He then went on to say that the 'psychopath' who carried out the attack needed 'help'.