Officers confiscate dog from owner who was too drunk to look after her pet

Passers-by gave a double take when they spotted a smartly-dressed dog sitting in a police van.


The pooch, who was wearing a buttoned-up blue denim shirt, had been confiscated by officers from its female owner who they said was too drunk to look after it.

A police picture of the dog in the vehicle has created a stir online, as social media wits claimed the animal's choice of dress was a 'crime against fashion'.

It is not clear why the pet's owner should think the dog needed a shirt with the top button done up, but alcohol may well have been a factor.

British Transport Police in the Midlands explained on Twitter: 'Yesterday our officers received a text report regarding a female who was intoxicated and not adequately caring for her dog.

'Officers attended and ensured the welfare of the dog whilst further enquiries are ongoing to establish any offences.'

The incident comes shortly after Greater Manchester Police had to smash into a campervan to save a Labrador 'locked inside'.

The dog is not currently being looked after by the owner and has been placed in alternative care according to British Transport Police.