Ospreys pair return to Powys breeding ground after summer in Africa

Wildlife lovers have enjoyed the return of a breeding pair of ospreys at Clywedog Reservoir this week.

A female named Seren, or identified as 5F, arrived home on Saturday (March 25) after flying thousands of miles from spending the winter in the warmer climes of Gambia, west Africa, and had soon caught herself a large rainbow trout.

The resident male – who does not have an identifying ring but is known by nest followers as Dylan – returned two days later.

The birds of prey returned to mid Wales for the summer season and can rear up to three chicks.

This week Dyfi Osprey Project announced that popular resident Telyn returned home to Cors Dyfi, near Machynlleth.

John Williams, Technical Support Land Management for Natural Resources Wales, said: “We never know what nature will throw at us, so we are thrilled that both resident birds have made it back to Llyn Clywedog in good shape.

“They will both start to build their nest together, and we will hopefully have some eggs laid on the nest in a few weeks’ time.”

Live 24-hour camera footage on YouTube has captivated followers from around the world since launching in 2020. Twenty-one chicks have fledged the nest since it was built by Natural Resources Walesalmost a decade ago.

Ospreys are migratory birds that winter in Africa, and the Llyn Clywedog’s resident female is known to spend the winter in The Tanji Marsh in Gambia.

Live footage from both cameras is available on YouTube by searching “Llyn Clywedog Ospreys”.