Otter rescued from sewage works

Firefighters in Derbyshire had one of their more unusual - and probably smelliest - call outs Tuesday, 2nd August. 

Rescuing cats stuck up trees may be something of a cliché, but otters trapped in sewage works? That's a new one on us - and we suspect it was for Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service (DFRS) too!

However, the firefighters found themselves called to the sewage treatment works at Milford, to assist the RSPCA with this animal rescue. And they rose to the challenge - with the help of a big stick, a bit of persuasion and some pet carriers.

Sharing a few details and photos of the incident on Twitter, a spokesperson for (DFRS) said: "It's getting Otter in there! Today we assisted RSPAC colleagues to rescue an otter that was stuck in a connecting pipe between two sewage treatment works overflow pools at Milford.

Clever use of cat carriers, a long stick and a bit of persuasion and the otter was free."