Thirteen pedigree dogs electrocuted during storm

Several pedigree dogs have been electrocuted to death in a tragic accident during Storm Dudley.

A tree blew down a powerline which fell onto the kennel block at Cuckavalda Gundogs, near Ampleforth, North Yorkshire, electrifying the runs and killing 13 dogs aged between seven months and six years.

The powerline was carrying over 11,000 Volts and the Northern Power Grid has launched a full investigation.

A spokesperson for Cuckavalda Gundogs said: 'Jack, Anna and Tom would like to thank everyone who have shown their concern and given help and to Grace Lane Vets for coming out.'

All the dogs were aged between seven months and six years.

A Northern Powergrid spokesperson said: 'Storm Dudley caused a tree on a customer's land to fall and bring down a section of overhead power line onto kennels which were situated directly under the section of electricity network.

'Sadly, a number of dogs in the kennel were electrocuted.

'As soon as we were alerted, we isolated supplies in the YO61 and 62 areas, causing a power cut for around 680 customers.'