Couple locked pets in boiling car

A couple who were filmed confronting police officers as they smashed their car window to rescue dogs from the sweltering vehicle have also been caught on CCTV stealing tips from a seafront café on the same day.

In footage from earlier in the day, the couple can be seen appearing to take the cash left for staff - after demanding a refund on the food they had eaten - from a family-run cafe. 

Ms Kibble, who has worked at Carats for three years, estimates in total the couple cost the café £100, with the cost of the two breakfasts, the drinks and the tips that were taken.

In a second video recorded nearby later on in the day, the pair were filmed by witnesses as they returned to find police smashing the windows of their car, which is untaxed, to rescue dogs left inside in cages on what was the second hottest day of the year. 

The RSPCA said that the temperature inside of the car could have reached up to 117F. 

Officers said the beagle and another dog looked instantly relieved when they had fresh air and water after the rescue on Brighton seafront, where temperatures reached 75F (24C) on Saturday.

Video shows one officer using his baton to smash the back window of the black vehicle as the owners rushed back to the scene in horror.

The woman can be heard saying 'you broke my window out' as the car alarm goes off.

Another officer can be heard responding to the woman, saying: 'It's a hot day. You shouldn't be leaving the dog in the car in this weather.'

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: 'We were called about two dogs left locked inside a car in the heat of the day Saturday on Madeira Drive, Brighton.

'Police officers attended and tried to get a contact number for the owners of the car but were unable.

'Officers had no choice but to smash the side window to gain access and a kind member of the public donated a bottle of water.

'The owners were given strong words of advice on returning to the car a short time later.

'The dogs, who were much improved after fresh air and water, were left with the owners.

'Dog owners should never leave a dog alone in a car on a warm day. If you see a dog in distress in a hot car, dial 999.'