Poorly dog put down after being found abandoned

A poorly dog had to be put down after being found alone in a south Shropshire field suffering from a large leg tumour.

The black and white Labrador/collie cross type animal was found by the dog warden in a small enclosed field in Richard's Castle on Monday.

Animal welfare charity the RSPCA suspects that the dog was abandoned.

Now the RSPCA has made an appeal to try to find the owner of the animal, which a spokesperson said had to be put to sleep on welfare grounds at the vets after being brought in by the dog warden.

The dog had no microchip and was found to be underweight with a large ulcerated tumour on its hind leg.

RSPCA Inspector Suzi Smith, who is investigating, said: “It is concerning that someone would allow a dog to get in such a state when he was clearly in need of medical treatment. I would appeal to anyone who knows anything to get in touch.”