Projectile from weapon found in field with horses

A Scottish horse owner has expressed concern after finding a crossbow bolt in a field on her property.

Anne Budge, of Knockglass Farm and Stables, which is situated on the B870 Mybster to Watten road, spotted the bolt in a paddock after the school run.

"I could not believe it, it is absolutely disgraceful," she said. "We have had the police out, they came out quite promptly which is great. We are not really sure if the horses were the target or if it was some other wildlife we have – there are certainly lots of rabbits going about here.

"It is a bit of a thought that somebody has been looking about your property. The way the arrow had landed it obviously had been shot from our property."

Commenting on the effect a crossbow projectile could have, the mum of two young children, Ella (9) and Connor (5), said: "It is clearly quite disturbing for everybody around about. You do not know if it is a trend going on.

"Thankfully the ponies were unaffected by it. They were all quite quiet and settled in the field."

There had been four ponies in the field, her own Highland, her daughter's pony, a retired companion and a miniature Shetland.

Anne said: "They are all quite special in their own way. The thought of any of them being injured in any way I can't bear to think about."