Two female moon bears caged & tortured for over 18 years are now safe at Cat Tien Bear Rescue Centre in quarantine after being rescued this week.

They're already enjoying experiences they may have never had - fresh fruit & vegetables, branches to smell & play with, a hammock to relax in, peace & safety.

The rescue went very well with the girls able to be walked into the transport crates (using honey as an incentive, of course).

Vietnam Programme Manager Mr Dung was able to make a visit to the bears. He learnt the following sad details:

(i) The bears have been caged since 2002 - making it 18 YEARS in a tiny cage. 

(ii) There were 5 bears, 3 have died already

(iii) The bears appear to be well over 200kg. A healthy adult female moon bear should weigh around 100kg

(iv) The owner was caught by Vietnam's Environment Police trying to sell bear paws. He is now in prison

(v) It is believed these are the LAST 2 BEARS in Lam Dong province that are being kept in bile farms/private households.

With the rescue of these two girls, another province in Vietnam will be free of bears suffering in horrific prisons. 

These poor old girls look to be in very poor shape and it is suspected that they've been mutilated for bile extraction for years, so will most likely require extensive vet care.

Eventually it is hoped they'll be healthy enough to graduate from the Bear Rescue Centre to the Bear Sanctuary & enjoy their twilight years in a large forest enclosure with trees, climbing platforms, swimming pools, caves and hammocks, as well as enjoying a healthy diet and enrichment to stimulate their complex minds.