Abuser punches and stomps parakeet to death

Sickening surveillance camera footage shows an animal abuser punch and stomp an injured parakeet to death after a pet store owner refused him a refund for the bloodied pet.  

Ali Chehade, 22, of Dearborn, has been arrested in connection with killing the parakeet after a confrontation with cashier Michael Simms at Critter Pet Shop in Allen Park on May 18. 

Store owner Rick Simms says that Chehade became irate after he could not get a $30 refund for the small bird after returning it to say it had been injured. 

Simms' brother Michael was working behind the counter and opened the cardboard box that Chehade is said to have brought the parakeet back in, to discover the pet had a bloody wing. 

'We saw the whole wing was bloody,' Simms told FOX 2 Detroit. 'So we're thinking his bird did it to it or another animal might have done something to the bird so my brother said there's nothing we can do for you with the bird, now,'

Michael Simms told Chehade that he would help the injured bird but he would not offer him a refund, it is alleged. 

The man cops say is Chehade was then caught caught on surveillance footage violently snapping and smashing the box with the bird inside before stomping on it twice in a rage.  

'The bird was in a box, he took his fist - smashed it right on top,' Simms told FOX 2. 'Threw the bird off the counter with the smashed box - it probably was already dead - threw him on the ground and stomped him two times with his feet,' 

'That's pure anger to stomp a little old parakeet like that,' Simms added. 

After viciously stomping the bird, Chehade fled the store, prosecutors said. 

When police arrived at the pet shop they found the parakeet dead inside the smashed cardboard box.

Wayne County Prosecutors charged Chehade with third-degree animal killing.