20 neglected rabbits rescued from 'cramped and unsanitary' conditions

20 neglected rabbits have been rescued from cramped, overcrowded and unsanitary conditions by Margate based charity TAG Pet Rescue.

It was called by the owner of a property who had acquired the animals but couldn't care for them.

Several of the rabbits were severely poorly. One had collapsed and unable to stand, 2 were pregnant despite looking malnourished, 4 had blood dripping from sore eyes while 2 were painfully thin with abscesses and matted fur.

There were also unneutered males and females living together, signs of in-fighting and as well as infection and disease.

The charity quickly removed all the animals from the property and took them for medical attention at a veterinary surgery.

It then found temporary accommodation at an animal rescue sanctuary in Kent for them.

Some of the rabbits have been moved to an RSPCA rescue centre in Exeter. All 20 will soon be looking for their forever homes.