Police investigate report of pile of dead animals and man acting suspiciously in Ramsgate park

Kent Police officers are investigating reports that a man set off ‘explosions’ in a Ramsgate park at the weekend with witnesses saying they then found a pile of dead baby animals at the site after he left.

A witness, who reported the incident to police, says she was in King George VI Park on Saturday morning when she heard five explosions that sounded like banger fireworks.

She added: “All the birds in the trees squawked and scattered. As I walked the park there were a couple of women who were walking their dogs and said that they had just seen a man acting really suspiciously just after the bangs went off.

“He was dressed in a green fleece they said and had Crocs on his feet and scraggly brown hair. He was quickly gathering the fireworks , or whatever it was, from the grass and ran off into the wooded area.

“When the women went to look they saw numerous dead baby animals. Some that looked newborn that may have still been inside the remains of a killed pregnant rabbit or similar. The remains of the other animals were scattered around.

“As they had already done one circuit of the park the women knew these animals hadn’t been there when they walked the first time.

We all went to Alison’s Cafe and asked if they had a specific number that the park called in any emergency cases. She was very helpful and took our phone numbers to pass to the police.

“This man needs to be caught. This is absolute animal cruelty and it also worries me that he (may have) more of these little creatures at home that he is abusing.”

A Kent Police spokesperson confirmed the incident had been reported.

They said: “Kent Police received a report that a man had been seen acting suspiciously with fireworks before leaving the area in King George VI Memorial Park, Ramsgate, at around 11.30am on Saturday 28 October.

“Witnesses also reported that a collection of dead animals were found in the park around the same time.

“Local officers are aware and are making further enquiries to establish the circumstances.”