Rescue mice looking for homes in Shropshire

Pet mice rescued from cramped living conditions are looking for new homes in Shropshire.

The mice were part of a group of nearly 100 living in a house in Derbyshire rescued by the animal charity, the RSPCA.

Gonsal Farm, the charity's headquarters in Donnington, took in 17 of the mice, while the rest were distributed to the charity’s rehoming centres and branches up and down the country.

But while some have been rehomes, eight of the mice, in three groups have been in rescue for more than nine months.

Ryan Traynor, from Gonsal Farm Animal Centre, said: “These adorable mice are all wonderful characters and are looking for a fresh start with a new family.

"The female rodents have been continually overlooked, despite their friendly nature and endearing personalities."

Ryan said the original group were discovered living in cramped conditions in a house in Derbyshire last summer after a breeding situation got out of control and the RSPCA was called in to help the owner.

“They can be a little bit timid at first, and can get quite easily spooked, so they are going to need gentle handling and a patient owner who understands their needs. They could live with sensible children of eight years and above, provided they are supervised.

“Mice are often active during the day so they can be entertaining to watch and interact with. They will all need a large space for their accommodation - which must be mouse proof as they can be great escape artists - with lots of hiding places and bedding material in which to burrow and have plenty of enrichment.”