Rescued: Two Moon Bears Who Were Caged and Mutilated are now Free

A female moon bear in Vietnam was kept in a tiny cage hidden behind a house for the past 22 years. The owner admitted to extracting bile from her twice a year. She is missing her front right paw, leaving a stump which looks awful after having stood on metal bars for decades. Lethargic, and exhibiting stress-related behaviour including biting the metal bars, she desperately needed help.

A male moon bear (same province, different location) was also kept hidden behind a house, but this time in an even smaller cage, for at least 18 years. This owner also admitted to extracting bile from him. With loose skin, visible lumps, missing fur, broken claws, missing teeth & red eyes, rescuers were incredibly concerned for his health and wellbeing. 

After a COVID-19 lockdown period the rescue centre were suddenly given permission in late February to rescue the male. He is recovering at the Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary and, as you can see, enjoyed the first tray of fruit he's probably ever tasted.

Despite initial concerns that the female would not be able to be rescued, on March 7th she was able to escape 22 years of torture. With numerous health issues, she's in a very delicate condition, requiring extensive vet care & treatment. We're hoping she'll make it through and enjoy many years of love and care, foraging in the forest, swimming in pools and taking long naps in hammocks.

Whatever happens, they will require extensive special care for the remainder of their lives - and we wish them all the best. The video below will give you an idea of the life that now awaits them in their new, safe, loving home at the sanctuary.