Rescued: Spaniel leapt into 50ft sinkhole

These pictures show the incredible moment a terrified spaniel who leapt into a 50-foot sinkhole was winched to safety by firefighters.

A rescuer was lowered into a fenced-off sinkhole in Kent after a dog walker found the 'terrified' spaniel after hearing her desperately barking for help.

The firefighter lifted the dog up, where she was met with pets from bystanders. Crews say she seemed 'relieved and happy' after the rescue.

It is suspected that the spaniel was trapped down the hole for about a day and that there was 'absolutely no chance' she would have gotten out without help.

The RSPCA has scanned her microchip but her owner's contact details were out of date. She has been placed with the local dog warden and will be rehomed if she isn't claimed within seven to ten days.

Gemma Lampard was out walking six dogs in Farningham Woods in Dartford last Thursday when she heard desperate barking coming from the sinkhole.

The 35-year-old contacted Kent Fire and Rescue who arrived at the scene and used a drone to see if they could spot the dog.

Then firefighters used line rescue equipment to lower themselves into the hole and retrieve the dog safely.

Kent Fire and Rescue confirmed the incident and issued a warning to pet owners. A spokesperson said: 'If you own a pet, always make sure to keep tabs on them when out and about, and if they do get into trouble and need rescuing from height or depth, don't try to do it yourself. If it's an emergency, call 999 for help.'