Saved: Severely Abused Pit Bull Being Used As Bait Dog

A severely abused pit bull found in Hialeah is now being cared for by a South Florida animal rescue group.

Elijah the pit bull was found in Hialeah. He was nearly dead but members of the 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida stepped in and rushed him to a vet for emergency surgery.

“He was critically ill and in severe shock, he was very close to passing away,” said Dr. Amy Trow from Bluepearl Pet Hospital. “I mean, he survived due to the efforts of 100+ who let us do everything we needed to do for him.

"He got intensive care with IV fluids, antibiotics and multiple procedures to clean up the wounds, replace bandages and to help get rid of the maggots.”

“What this does to me, I can’t put into words. I can’t understand and wrap my head around how anybody could purposely, purposed put an animal through such pain and suffering and torture,” said Amy Roman of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida.

Investigators believe Elijah was being used as a bait dog for illegal dog fighting.