Pregnant endangered seal has dog frisbee cutting into her neck

Pregnant endangered seal is tortured by plastic dog frisbee cutting into her neck

Animal charity volunteer Adge Lane was seal watching near The Little Orme in Llandudno, North Wales, when the 'tortured' beached mammal caught his eye.

Images of the seal show her swimming with just her head surrounded by the white dog toy above the water. 

Adge believes it is impossible for the 200kg seal to remove the ring as it is likely to have dropped over her nose when she was younger and now is stuck as the creature has grown around it.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue volunteer claims such an injury could suffocate the seal as she grows, cause issues for her giving birth and even cause her to starve, cutting her 25-year life expectancy painfully short.

Adge, from Urmston, Greater Manchester, and moved to North Wales four years ago, said: 'These dog frisbees and sea life, it doesn’t mix. I’d urge dog owners not to buy them, particularly if you’re near the coast.

'It makes you angry because dogs don’t differentiate between those with a hole in and a ball or a solid frisbee, but at least those aren’t going to get entangled and interfere with wildlife.

'Nobody’s throwing them in the water purposefully because it can go anywhere like a frisbee, but I just wouldn’t entertain buying one at all. I don’t think they should be sold to be honest.'

Adge volunteers every day with British Divers Marine Life Rescue to monitor the local seal colonies to help prevent them being disturbed.