Three animals that escaped from bull-running event shot dead

A bull-running event in Cortes y Graena in Andalucía's Granada province quickly spiralled out of control at the weekend after three of the animals escaped forcing police to shoot them.

One of the bulls charged at a runner who was waiting at a fence along the course with such force that it smashed through the protection barrier and continued on its way on Saturday 12 August.

The gap could not be closed in time and two more bulls charged through. They started to run through the upper part of the locality, in the Cuevas district. They caught some of the villagers unaware who weren't at the event including a local baker who was in his car making a delivery when the bulls rammed it, damaging the vehicle. Other residents had to leap to safety, added the mayor, Fabiola Romero Hernández.

Bullfight suspended

The bulls finally left the village and moved towards the neighbouring town of Lopera. They then wandered along the La Peza road. It was here, that police officers killed two of the bulls. The third, which escaped from the run had made its way towards Purullena, before officers shot it in a field near Cortes.

The chaos caused the bullfight, scheduled for 6.30pm later that evening, to be postponed a few days.