Shropshire farm park to close leaving animals homeless

The owner of a farm park in Shropshire is looking for new homes for all his animals as he has to close the site.

Tony Scott has been providing donkey rides to people at his attraction near Bridgnorth for 11 years. The farm park also has alpacas, water buffalo, horses, deer, chickens and rabbits.

However, the lease isn't being renewed and he hasn't been able to find another suitable site, so he has to close.

Tony said: "When you've been working with the animals for 11 years it does take some believing really that I've got to get rid of all my animals."

He added: "I think that's what kept me going, my animals because in the morning you know you've got to get up for something".

His daughter-in-law who is the general manager at the site is taking some of the animals and he is hoping that other people will come forward to take others, saying that the animals are used to having human interaction.

The news that Scotty's Donkeys is closing has also been met with sadness from its regular visitors.

Myfanwy Terry has been coming for the past five years and says that she doesn't know where she will take her children and grandchildren now.

"We just love it here. It's 20 minutes away so it's near enough on our doorstep and it is my favourite place to come", she says. "Nice fresh air, nice to walk around and it is nice that you can get the hands-on experience feeding the rabbits and the chickens."

The owner is planning a 'fun farewell' weekend next week to say goodbye, and will then start rehoming the animals and packing up the site, ready to move out by the end of September.