Sickening assault on horse

The RSPCA is hunting an attacker who hacked off a horse's genitals and ear in a sickening assault.

Three-year-old grey stallion Tonto was found dead by his devastated owner in a field in Grantham, Lincolnshire, at around 1pm last Friday.

The lovable horse was last seen by his owner 'happy and healthy' two days before on December 20.

Tonto was described as an 'extremely friendly' who would often follow people around the field off Winbush Drive.

The RSPCA have launched an investigation to catch the person responsible for the attack and warned nearby horse owners to be 'extra vigilant' of similar incidents.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: 'This is a truly appalling incident which took place in an isolated spot off Winbush Drive in Grantham.

'When the owner last saw Tonto on December 20, he was happy and healthy.

'Sadly when he returned at around 1pm on Friday 22 December, Tonto had been mutilated and killed.

'We know from speaking to the owner that he was extremely friendly and would follow people around the field.

'This was a sickening attack against a defenceless animal.

'We are also warning horse owners in the area to be extra vigilant, given the nasty nature of this crime.'