Lifeguard orders girl off beach after she threw sand and ROCKS at a sleeping sea lion

A little girl was told to leave a San Diego area beach after she was seen throwing sand and rocks at a resting sea lion.

The young child was caught trying to disturb the animal near La Jolla Cove last week in a TikTok clip which has now racked up more than two million views.

After observing her trying to rouse the sea lion several times in front of other beach-goers - including a woman thought to be her mom - the lifeguard clearly had enough of the girl's behavior and kicked her off the site.

'Little girl in the purple, you can leave now, thanks,' the lifeguard can be heard saying over the loudspeakers.

The beach was crowded with others checking out the animal, all of whom were able to keep their distance and their composure.

Commenters on the video clip have applauded the lifeguard for calling the girl out.