Heartwarming moment Spanish fishermen rescue a dolphin trapped in their net [video]

Spanish fisherman worked for over an hours to lift a trapped dolphin out of their fishing net and free it back into the ocean. 

The fishermen from tuna fishery Almadraba La Azohia in Cartagena were joined by divers as they used a harness to move the 440lb dolphin. 

Almadraba La Azohia representative Juan Paredes said: 'Any sea animal that is not meant for commercial use is sent back to the sea.'

The footage shows a dolphin being lifted very carefully in a harness by fishermen on boats and divers in the water. 

Mr Paredes explained that they had to raise the net to the surface before divers attached a harness to the dolphin to support it when it was lifted free.

He added: “It was very complicated because the dolphin kept moving around, as is normal.'