Staffordshire Bull terrier went bald because owners failed to treat skin disease

A mistreated puppy looked 'more like a seal' than a dog after going bald when her owners failed to treat her skin disease.

The malnourished Staffordshire bull terrier, named Pearl, was just four months old when RSPCA staff discovered her in a home during April this year.

Inspector Rowena Proctor noticed the poorly pup in the doorway of the property in Newcastle.

But Pearl has since made an 'absolutely amazing' recovery and is enjoying a 'healthy and happy' life while she waits to be adopted.

Ms Proctor said: 'The transformation she has undergone is absolutely amazing.

'She looked more like a seal than a puppy when I rescued her - now she looks just how you would expect and is so healthy and happy.

'She is full of energy and life and is very excitable and also very loving too.

'I am so thrilled to see how she now looks thanks to the dedicated staff at the RSPCA centre.'

She was tipped off by a member of the public about Pearl's condition, similar to RSPCA's rescue of a dog after footage emerged after it was dragged behind a scooter in Birmingham last month.   

Ms Proctor took Pearl for emergency veterinary treatment after her owners agreed to let her go.

And a vet found she was severely underweight and had an awful skin disease, which caused fur loss and constant irritation.

She was given medication and a special diet and within just two weeks, the pup was on the road to recovery at Felledge Animal Centre, Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

Now all her hair has grown back and she has put on weight, she is a picture of health and will be looking for her forever home very soon.

Ms Proctor said: 'She will be available for rehoming with Felledge soon once she has finished her medication and has had a little bit more training.'

Many puppies that have been handed over to animal shelters and charities are available for adoption, like 57 puppies who were destined to be sniffer dogs but were abandoned by a security firm. 

However, the RSCPA has seen a 13 per cent rise in neglect incidents recently - as the cost of living crisis puts more pressure on families.

After the boom in puppy adoptions in the pandemic, many gave up their pets to shelters shortly after. 

It is estimated that there are now thousands of unwanted pandemic puppies across the country.