Stowaway budgie found clinging on fisheries protection vessel 25 MILES out

An exhausted budgerigar has been found clinging on for dear life on a fisheries protection vessel 25 miles out in the wind-lashed Atlantic.  

The bird had clasped its talons on to a rail on the Ocean Osprey which was on its way to patrol the Celtic Sea looking for foreign boats trying to steal fish.  

Chief engineer Tomasz Stefanik spotted the blue and yellow feathered stowaway on deck when the ship was 25 miles off the Cornish coast from Plymouth.  

The shivering little bird was being lashed by icy winds and splashed with sea spray breaking over the bow.

It looked up weakly when Mr Stefanik approached, and gratefully hopped on to his outstretched hand.

The ship's crew has now put out an appeal to trace the owner of the budgie which they think escaped from its cage in someone's kitchen or living room in Plymouth and flew to the docks.   

The crew are going to be on patrol for some time but fishery officer Madelein Bradshaw from Plymouth is due to meet up with the vessel.

She will take the budgie back to shore and look after it until the owner is found.

Failing that she's said she's going to keep it and give it a new home.