Teenager receives 10-year ban from keeping dogs

A TEENAGER has been given a 10-year ban from having dogs after badly neglecting his pooch.

Jordan Edment, who is 19-years-old, starved his Pakistani Mastiff dog and failed to take him to the vet for care when he needed it. The pet, named Rumple, was just two-years-old and was left to starve by Edment, which ultimately resulted in him needing to be put to sleep due to the severity of his injuries.

After being tipped off by police over fears that Rumple and a bulldog named Butch were being neglected, animal welfare chiefs were sent to Edement’s home.

Rumple was found with all his ribs, spine and hip bones prominent and he had trouble using all four of his limbs correctly when he was found in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire.

He weighed less than 40kg, which is roughly eight to 10 kilograms higher than he should have been - as well as having a high heart rate which was indicative of dehydration.

After treatment from the Scottish SPCA’s treatment, Rumple was put to sleep.

Scottish SPCA inspector, Heather Lawson, said: “Rumple was caused unnecessary suffering because of Edment failing to seek veterinary care and a lack of nutrition.

“Butch was found to be around four to five kilograms underweight.

“Both dogs were taken to one of our centres to receive the proper care and ongoing treatment they needed.

“Sadly, Rumple’s condition deteriorated and the heartbreaking decision was made to put him to sleep on welfare grounds.”

Edment pled guilty to failing to provide veterinary treatment and a nutritionally adequate diet.

The 19-year-old was sentenced to a deprivation order and a 10-year-ban from keeping animals.

Ms Lawson added: “We’re pleased that Edment has received a 10-year-ban and deprivation order and we hope he seriously reconsiders his ability to care for any animal in the future.

“Butch is still in the care of one of our centres, and this sentencing means we can now find him the loving forever home he deserves."