More than 30 animals seized from Tennessee breeding mill

Tennessee law enforcement seized 34 animals from a breeding mill where the animals were living in inhumane conditions.

Animal Rescue Corps said it assisted law enforcement in rescuing around 25 dogs, seven cats and two chinchillas from the backyard breeding operation in Macon County on Thursday.

The dogs were found in cages and in filthy conditions. Many of the large dogs were living in small cages where they were unable to stand or turn around.

Many of the dogs were discovered with various medical conditions, including puncture wounds, mammary tumors, overgrown nails, pressure wounds, skin inflammation, ear and eye infections and internal parasites. The animals were subjected to unsanitary housing, neglect, and inadequate veterinary care. Many were too afraid to leave their cages, according to Animal Rescue Corps.

"The animals have been used and bred for profit with no regard for their needs," Animal Rescue Corps wrote on Facebook.

Animal Rescue Corps transported the animals to its rescue center in Gallatin, where they will be provided urgent medical, physical and emotional care. The organization will document the cruelties for evidence packages, and ensure they find loving homes.

The animals' owners were arrested and charged with animal cruelty.