Therapy dog stolen from autistic girl found dead three months later

A rare therapy dog stolen from a 12-year-old girl with autism has been found dead, her owners have said. Lottie the Dalmation was taken from the home of Chloe Hopkins in Leicestershire, UK, in early December. Three-year-old Lottie helped keep Chloe calm - and the theft left the youngster thinking someone hates her.

After seeing a drone flying overhead shortly before the theft, Chloe's mum Gemma believed thieves used a drone to plot the cruel burglary.

This week, the family have received a devastating call to say that Lottie's body had been found. Gemma posted on a Facebook page about the appeal: "Having to identify her was the hardest thing I've done.

"I've now got to break my 12-year-old's heart tonight.

"We never wanted this ending. We kept hopeful. Goodbye my crazy bunch of spots."

Lottie herself suffered from a liver condition, which meant she needs specialist food.

Gemma, speaking before Lottie's death said: "She helps Chloe get through every day because she's got her best friend to come home to."