Tiger that killed Zurich keeper in front of visitors will not be euthanised, zoo confirms

A tiger that killed a zookeeper in Switzerland will not be euthanised, the zoo has said.

The female Siberian tiger attacked and killed the 55-year-old female zookeeper at Zurich Zoo just before 1.20pm local time on Saturday in front of horrified visitors. But the five-year-old animal named Irina will not be euthanised, the zoo has confirmed

The zoo described the incident as “highly tragic” but said the tiger is a wild animal and followed her natural instincts.

In a statement the zoo said: “The zoo maintains that the tiger is a wild animal.

“A person in her exhibit is an intruder into her territory. In her reaction she followed her natural instincts exclusively.”

The tiger enclosure also holds a four-year-old male called Sayan.

Visitors called for help when the tiger attacked the zookeeper on Saturday.

Staff managed to move the tiger away but the keeper died at the scene.