Beloved Huddersfield train station cat Felix has died

A beloved cat who patrolled a West Yorkshire railway station has passed away.

The black-and-white cat spent the majority of her life 'on duty' at the station.

Felix, who served as a 'Senior Pest Controller' at Huddersfield Railway Station, passed away peacefully on December 3, 2023, after the discovery of a terminal illness.

She was born on May 17, 2011, and joined the TransPennine Express (TPE) team six weeks later, spending the majority of her life 'on duty' at the station.

The black-and-white cat, whose name was given to her as a kitten when staff thought she was male, wore a high-vis jacket and a TPE name badge and even enjoyed use of a unique cat flap that allowed her to bypass the station's barriers.

She spent her days catching mice, making friends with commuters and getting paid in cat treats.

The cat's passing was announced by TPE, which said she was humanely put to sleep at a local vet.

She was in the company of Angie Hunte, Huddersfield Station Manager, and Jacqui Cox, Huddersfield Station Team Leader.

Angie said: 'Felix was more than a cat. She was a beloved member of our station family and left her paw prints on many commuters' hearts as they passed through the station.

'Her presence brought smiles to visitors from around the world, making Huddersfield Station a special place. We will miss her dearly.'

Felix was at the station for 12 years and is survived by her apprentice Bolt, who joined in 2018.

The pair have taken part in a yearly calendar and have been featured in two books - raising more than £240,000 for charitable causes.

TPE has asked fans of Felix to refrain from visiting the station and to leave their expressions of sympathy online via the Felix and Bolt Facebook page memorial post.

It says a memorial will be held in due course.