Ukraine: Hundreds of dogs are perishing

Ukraine: Hundreds of dogs are perishing

More than 300 dogs have been discovered dead in a Ukrainian animal shelter after going weeks without food or water.

This is a truly horrific way to die.

Caught in the conflict, with no one to defend them, they were left for almost an entire month...

Scared, alone, starving and thirsty; one by one, they died.

We cannot even begin to imagine their suffering.

Right now in Ukraine, rescue missions are already underway, but more help is needed.

As a small not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to helping and saving distressed and vulnerable animals, we rely on the big hearts and generosity of our members and supporters.

The Animal Rescue Society, throughout the global pandemic, have laboured on, determined to do our best and continue with our work, helping animals of all kinds whenever we can.

We cannot sit idly by and ignore this suffering, can you?

We know times are tough for many people around the world, but all we ask is that you send a small donation to the Animal Rescue Society and help us continue our fight for these defenceless victims without a voice.

If all our members and supporters send just £5, our volunteers will have more than enough to get out there and make a real difference.

The difference could literally be life or death, please help us if you can!

Thank you in advance, your kindness WILL make a difference.