Police probe after uni students post dead animal pictures

The Royal Agricultural University has suspended students after photos of dead animals strapped to vehicles were shared online.

Students from the Gloucestershire university allegedly posted a photo of a fox strapped to a car roof on social media platform Snapchat last week.

A photo later emerged of a dead stag's head and hide strapped to a Land Rover bonnet at an event in Cirencester.

Both the university and the police have launched investigations.

In a statement, a spokesperson from the Royal Agricultural University said: "We condemn this behaviour.

"As soon as we were made aware of this incident, the details were passed to our student services team and an investigation was started immediately.

"Those individuals involved have now been identified and have all been suspended from the university with immediate effect pending the outcome of both our own investigations and those of Gloucestershire Police.

"We will absolutely not tolerate this kind of behaviour and will deal with those involved appropriately in light of the severity of the incident."

Gloucestershire Police said they had identified two people who were due to have voluntary interviews.

"We're aware that deceased animals were attached to vehicles at an event in Cirencester and we've been in contact with the Royal Agricultural University about this," police said.

"We can reassure people that we're investigating. Two people (have been) identified and they are due to have voluntary interviews."