Warning to pet owners ahead of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner for loved-up couples - but animal experts have urged people with pets to be wary of some items associated with the big day, which won't be suitable for our furry friends.

And it's not just chocolate - which dogs are notoriously bad with due to it containing theobromine, a substance that dogs can't metabolise - lots of other sweet treats pose a danger too.

This is because many of them include another problem chemical - xylitol, a popular sugar alternative - that The Blue Cross says can pose a harm to pooches.

Vets recommend that you keep any bowls of confectionaries in a hard to reach place so that your pup doesn't end up with a medical emergency.

'If you suspect that your dog has eaten something containing xylitol, you need to get them to the vets straight away as it can be absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly,' the Blue Cross revealed.

It's not just sweet treats either. While a bouquet of flowers may seem romantic to give your significant other, keep your furry friend in mind if they favour lillies.

These can be harmful to cats and go so far as to cause acute kidney failure, according to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Even drinking water from the vase could be fatal.

Elsewhere, while candles are great for setting a romantic atmosphere, be mindful of the danger they pose to animals.

Integrative veterinarian Nell Ostermeier from AKC Pet Insurance told Rover: 'Like any other foreign object a dog chooses to ingest, wax can cause gastrointestinal issues and even blockage.

'As such, it's important to keep candles—lit or otherwise—out of your dog's reach'.