We Will Remember Them

It wasn’t just men and boys who answered Britain’s call to join the armed forces in her hour of need.

Hundreds of thousands of animals left behind their peaceful, rural homes and made the journey across the English Channel to join their human comrades in the trenches.

Horses were an essential part of cavalry warfare and soon became needed to haul colossal artillery pieces, ammunitions wagons, machine guns, ration carts and other vital supplies.

Dogs too were vital on the battlefields as they were used to run messages, detect mines, and act as patrol dogs, among many other tasks.

Perhaps slightly less known is the number of pigeons that served, who risked their lives by carrying vital messages over long distances.

It’s estimated that more than six million horses and mules were involved in the First World War and almost half died of disease or were killed in conflict.

Reports from men on the battlefields reveal horses suffered from infectious diseases such as glanders, cracked heels and frost bite, as well as being injured by enemy fire or in the course of their duties.

We believe that the sacrifice of the men, women and animals of the First World War should never be forgotten, and we will remember them.