The famous wild ponies of Gower are being made seriously ill by someone's well-intended actions

Gower's famous wild ponies are falling ill due to vegetable scraps being left for them to eat which can kill them.

Woodfield Animal Sanctuary is now begging people not to leave the vegetable cuttings, as the horses are becoming ill with colic. According to Horse and Rider, Colic is one of the most common causes of death in horses.

Potato peelings are particularly dangerous, and can poison the horses.

In an impassioned plea on their Facebook page, the animal shelter asked people to not leave scraps for the ponies. The post reads: "Please please stop feeding these potato peelings and vegetables, another pony with Colic again today on Clyne Common. I know this person is trying to help these very thin ponies but this food is really not helping them. If you know who this person is who is doing this, please can you ask them to stop . Thank you so much." 

A spokesperson for Woodfield Animal Sanctuary said: "Potato peels cause colic in horses and ponies, which can kill them if left untreated. People believe they're being kind by doing it but it is causing great harm to the animals and a lot of stress to the people who step in to help them."

The problem comes as in the past 12 months there is said to have been a huge increase in animals being injured in collisions with motorists as they travel through the area. Last year represented one of the most deadly on record with 110 cattle deaths on the roads around common lands, according to farmers and safety groups. 

Gower is one of the few remaining areas where Welsh farmers continue the traditional practice of grazing livestock on common land.