Wolfhound puppy rescued after freak accident

This wolfhound puppy might well be Britain's luckiest dog after the poor soul was resuced from a tiny gap in a wall following a freak accident.

Seven-month old Lulu ran away from her owner Niki Littlewood after being frightened while walking on a canal path near Huddersfield.

'She was spooked by some other dogs and just ran, we then spent an hour and 20 minutes looking for her and posted appeals on social media,' Ms Littlewood told Telegraph & Argus.

'We couldn't find her anywhere and were beside ourselves. Then we heard her whimpering and found her trapped in between a drystone wall.

'The gap was so narrow you couldn't even put a foot across it and it was around five feet deep.'

Lulu's owner explained how she thought the Wolfhound tried to get into their home by jumping the neighbour's fence.

However, in doing so, Ms Littlewood believes she hit her head and laid unconscious for over an hour.

After finding Lulu, Ms Littlewood called vet Rohin Aojula from Donaldson's Vets Emergency Hospital in Huddersfield, who rushed to the scene.

Lulu was then injected with a sedative to relax her before the rescue operation took place.

Once she was carried out from the gap in the wall, she was immediately rushed to the veterinary hospital where she underwent a check-up and stayed overnight.

All in all, Lulu was extremely fortunate to only escape with a few minor cuts and she was able to go home the next day.