VICTORY: Cat-Kicker Kurt Zuoma WILL be Prosecuted!

West Ham footballer Kurt Zuoma was filmed kicking, slapping and throwing his shoes at a defenceless cat.

The RSPCA were made aware of our Petition which has reached over the target of 50,000 signatures! 

They have now confirmed that they WILL be prosecuting both Kurt Zuoma and his brother, Yoan Zuoma, who filmed the abhorrent attack.

Thank you for being a part of this Victory.

Those poor animals will never be able to tell their story, who knows what horrific abuse they may have suffered before that harrowing video was made.

Imagine the suffering a big strong footballer could inflict by drop kicking a helpless cat.

Here at Animal Rescue Society, we are dedicated to the protection of ALL animals... no matter how famous their owners are!

Without your support, our Campaigns would not be possible and animals will continue to suffer as a result.

Please consider chipping in whatever you can towards our Campaign Fund, and help us continue to defend the defenceless.